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"When choosing materials I think about creators and designers of luxury cars… They always choose the best parts and I share that philosophy. I wanted the best materials. [Meaning] when it comes to materials, I chose those that are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing."

-CEO Brian M.

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All I need in a a guy is great hair and the Lebedo of an 18year old boy

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I remember that day you kissed me goodnight….

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Today’s the day I lost my best friend. For good. Tomorrows a new day and I’ll live. I will survive this hell. I’ll come out better. Smarter. Stronger.

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Սուրբ Առաքելոց եկեղեցի
Holy Apostles Church

Located in the city of Kars, the Holy Apostles Church completed construction in the 940s during Bagratid Armenia. The Church was called the Holy Apostles Church due to the sculptors of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus located in the exterior of the Church. In 1064 to the 1100s, the Church was converted into a Mosque when it was captured by the Seljuks. Under the Ottoman Empire, the Church was once again converted into a Mosque (1579–1877). After the Russian capture of Kars in 1877 it was converted to a Russian Orthodox church. In 1918, after the fall of Kars to the Turkish army, the cathedral was again turned into a mosque. In 1919, following the retreat of Turks and during the first republic of Armenia, the Cathedral was restored as an Armenian church

In 1920, Kars again fell to Turkey and it ceased to function as a church. It operated briefly as a mosque in the 1920s before being used as a petrol storage depot. It functioned as the Kars Museum between 1969 to 1980.The church was confiscated and became the property of the Turkish state. It has been sold to the local municipality, who planned to demolish it and build a school on the site. The plan never took hold. However, during this time, its bell tower was destroyed. In the 1950s it was used as a depot for petroleum. During the 1960s and 1970s it housed a small museum. The church is currently used as a mosque

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Being treated like shit sucks. :( self pity sob sob

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Watch the Star Wars and Jean-Paul Sartre Mashup.

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